Optimum traffic allocation in bundled energy-efficient Ethernet links

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Journal Article


IEEE Systems Journal, Volume In press (2017)






The energy demands of Ethernet links have been an active focus of research in the recent years. This work has enabled a new generation of energy-efficient Ethernet (EEE) interfaces able to adapt their power consumption to the actual traffic demands, thus yielding significant energy savings. With the energy consumption of single network connections being a solved problem, in this paper, we focus on the energy demands of link aggregates that are commonly used to increase the capacity of a network connection. We build on known energy models of single EEE links to derive the energy demands of the whole aggregate as a function on how the traffic load is spread among its powered links. We then provide a practical method to share the load that minimizes overall energy consumption with controlled packet delay and prove that it is valid for a wide range of EEE links. Finally, we validate our method with both synthetic and real traffic traces captured in Internet backbones.